Temporal Aspects in User Modeling

Research Workshop of the Israel Science Foundation

The workshop will be held in Haifa on July, 18 - July, 21

The widespread use of temporal aspects in user modeling indicates their importance, as it showed to be highly effective in various domains related to user modeling. Still the ongoing research, spread over several decades, provided multiple ad-hoc solutions, but no common understanding of the issue. There is no standardization and there is often little commonality in considering temporal aspects in different applications. This may ultimately lead to the problem that application developers define ad-hoc solutions for their problems at hand, sometimes missing or neglecting aspects that proved to be effective in similar cases. This workshop aims to gather practitioners from the related domains and discuss the challenges ahead.

Workshop format: The workshop will be composed of several sessions per day where the sessions will be led by a senior researcher. It will include an invited talk, graduate students presentations, and a session of feedback and group discussion. In addition there will be informal events - a welcome reception and a joint tour. The workshop will conclude with a group discussion about lessons learned and future research ideas.